European Yew – Taxus baccata (Potted)


Potted  20-40cm  40-60cm  60-80cm  80-100cm
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European Yew, Taxus baccata, is an evergreen tree or bush that, as a tree, can reach 20M high. Its berries are extremely poisonous to humans and some animals such as cattle. The main reason is, when eaten without removing the seed inside some animals can digest the coating of the seed into their bloodstream with fatal consequences. I have seen several cows dead after eating leaves and berries from yew trees. However, yew makes a really smart hedge for any garden small or large and is probably no more poisonous to humans than any other hedge species. Planted as a tree it is simply as important as any species ecologically and can live for a few thousand years! It will grow well in all soil types.

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20-40cm, 40-60cm, 60-80cm, 80-100cm


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