How We Grow


The Soil association way


Seed is sourced from certified suppliers, derogations are applied for from the Soil Association. At present very little organic tree seed is available.


Seed is mixed with moist organically certified compost


Germination takes place in the fridge. We constantly check for the perfect time to transfer germinated seeds into trays


Individual seedling trays are transferred to our nursery covered area until ready to be hardened off outdoors


When seedlings are established and hardened off they are transplanted into our Soil Association certified organic field nursery


Then begins the constant hand weeding; no chemicals, sprays or fertilisers come into contact with our plants so all weeds are pulled by hand


Plants are hand watered but only during periods of prolonged drought; this is because the natural slow growing process means that formal irrigation is not needed and the strong organic soil is naturally moisturised

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