Wayfaring Tree – Viburnum lantana (Potted)


Potted  20-40cm  40-60cm  60-80cm  80-100cm
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Wayfaring tree, Viburnum lantana, is a deciduous bush or small tree. It will grow to around 4m in height. It produces creamy white flowers in the spring turning to green fruit at first, then red and eventually black. I am told the fruit is not toxic to humans or animals therefore it is an ideal bush for most sized gardens. I am fairly sure it will recover from winter pruning if required, however I would only trim a third each year rather than trim it all in one go. It will grow well in most soils but it does grow best in alkaline soil, so if planted in thin sandy soil it’s best to sprinkle some lime around the tree at planting.

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20-40cm, 40-60cm, 60-80cm, 80-100cm


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