June brought an abrupt end to the Spring heat wave. I definitely thought the hot dry weather would come back and settle in again yet so far this has not been the case. The first couple of weeks of July have been fairly typical of an English summer, thankfully the tree nursery has really benefited from these dull wet days. There is something magical about rain water for all crops in comparison to irrigation water.

The big news we have is that we have decided to open a small retail outlet for our trees in pots! Since starting the nursery we have been potting up some of our bare rooted stock each March after the bare rooted sales finish for the season. At first there were just a few of each species, but now they seem to be gathering speed! 

The outlet will be at our Ledene Golf Centre which is ran by the golf pro Jeremy Nicholls. Jeremy has kindly agreed to help us set up the outlet close to the putting green ready for a bit of potting or is it putting in golf?The café alongside the golf will provide you with delicious food and factual A4 sheets on the 30/40 species of trees we have. Hopefully this will give you some information on what we are doing. But, if that isn’t enough, we would be more than happy to answer any queries whilst enjoying some home-made cakes and a cup of coffee!

We hope to see you there sometime soon!