Our trees are enjoying a wonderful growth period after the deluge of rain in late August and the near perfect growing temperatures of early September. The online shopping element of the website will be updated over the next couple of weeks to accurately reflect our increased stock. Unfortunately my teenage technical support team (grandchildren) have returned to school which has left me worrying that I might have to learn the intricacies of data entry!

Over the last few weeks the team have been sorting out the species and ensuring everything is labelled correctly. I have an App installed on my phone which has helped hugely in identifying different trees. As expected, it is only 80% per cent accurate but luckily I have a number of experts who routinely visit to point out where we might be incorrect. However, the App is well worth the few pounds it cost to install and is a fantastic guide.

I have been picking damsons every year since I was a young boy (700 plus dog years) but I have never seen such a fantastic crop as this year. Similarly, the acorns on many of our oak trees appear to be bigger than ever, and the horse chestnut tree I planted 40 years ago is laden with conkers, is pretty much free of the fungus disease that has plagued it in recent years and so is standing as magnificent as it is intended. Looking at the foliage it has today it is easy to understand why it is considered to be the best co2 converter of the tree world. Incidentally we have plenty of damson plants available – ideal for any sized garden!

The increased rainfall in late August and early September will ensure that soil is in good condition moisture-wise to get freshly planted trees and hedging off to a good start this Autumn. Planting during Autumn is usually the best time to get young trees and hedging growing as the soil is still warm and ideal for establishing the roots.

Beautiful Horse Chestnut

Would definitely win at a game of conkers!
Damson crumble & custard for the next few weeks – yum!