For those of us who love the English countryside and the English way of life the important and necessary restrictions imposed because of COVID-19 has prevented us from truly experiencing the beauty of Spring.  Being limited to just one hour of outdoor exercise has meant that we are broadly limited to our garden – if indeed we are fortunate to have a garden. 

Nevertheless, nature waits for nobody and to this end we have continued with our work at the tree nursery and keeping on top of the jobs.  Early in the month planting of our carry over whips into their temporary home in the field nursery was completed, temporary, because we hope to sell them this Autumn.

Our new season seed sowing is up to date.  We have so far only had one set back.  My lack of experience resulted in a batch of hawthorn seeds being allowed to become too dry in our fibrosis organic compost – another lesson learnt.  But we have over-compensated and there will be plenty available for the Autumn.

On our organic vegetable farm, early crops of beetroot and spring onions are going into the ground.  We are planning to transplant some of our tree seedlings into the organic vegetable field as a trial. 

Whilst doing some tractor driving a young bird hopped on for a ride (see my picture below).  I am unsure whether it is a hawfinch or a zebra finch – if anyone is any the wiser then please let me know. I’ve also attached a photo of our organic fertility building crop just because it is naturally pretty!

Enjoying the Ride
Organic Fertility Building Crop